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I got a comment (from someone called Tim) which I opted not to post in its original form because of its language. It was in response to my Nexus is no Lexus piece, but I suspect it was as much a comment on a number of my postings which challenged common perceptions on Cisco. In part it said: “Why are you in denial that Nortel's technology sucks and Cisco is kicking your ass.”

Our focus is not Cisco per se, but rather to be the best at solving enterprise business problems with communications technology. Our sales guys tell me that we win more often than we lose, often against Cisco, when we get ‘a chance at bats’. There are two challenges here: 1) the marketing challenge of making enterprises aware of Nortel products, software and services that can propel their business imperatives, and 2) the CXO challenge of helping CXOs realize that single vendor network-centric solutions do not necessarily give them the agility, performance and TCO structure that best meets their business needs.

Let me give you some data points:
Nortel reported 33% YoY growth in data networking and security revenues for 2007. Nortel data customers tell us that they are thus realizing improved network resilience, better network performance, greener IT and lower TCO.

According to Dell’Oro, Nortel maintained #1 leadership in worldwide total PBX (combined PBX, KTS, IP) line shipments for 4Q07 and for 2007.

Nortel announced 600 wins through its Innovative Communications Alliance UC solutions with Microsoft, which often include Nortel IP telephony, Nortel multimedia applications, business optimized networking and professional services.

Finally, we are getting tremendous CXO mindshare through our solutions for communications-enabled applications (as we have done with Orlando Regional Health), and our recently announced SOA-based Agile Communications Environment. For example, Nortel is the only telecom partner included in IBM’s Retail Integration Framework and in its Healthcare SOA-based solutions.

It’s great to be participating in a history-making transformation of a formerly great company. We’re not totally there yet, but recent customers such as the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the New York Times, Indiana University, and Rolls Royce are getting benefits today.

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why don't you post comments on the Network World page where everyone is talking smack about you, instead of here on this blog, where there are zero comments?

Tony's response: I'm working as many fronts as possible. thx

This post, as are most of your posts, is kind of funny. All you ever seem to do is talk about Cisco. More than 50% of your posts are aimed at "why not Cisco".

I can understand your desire to paint Nortel in a positive light, but why must you ALWAYS try to knock Cisco down? If they really made such horrible products, then the industy would have called them out as frauds a long time ago. Try to sell Nortel without bashing your competitors... us customers prefer that!

Tony, do me (and all of us) a favor - try NOT to talk about Cisco in your next 5 postings. The smart money says that it is probably not possible. ..but give it a try anyway.


Nortel has some good technology - the most detrimental problem Nortel has is the inability to manage (internally) the business to bring that technology to the market.

YES we all want to see a Daniel perservere against the goliath Cisco , but honestly Nortel hasn't a chance seeing first-hand the internal culture and dysfunctional R&D , SG&A and overall executive management practices - Nortel will most likely sell of any of its sellable assets to a competitor and be out of the data business in less than a year.

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