The Value Prop for VoIP Has Changed

A new survey finds that “More than seven out of 10 respondents expect VoIP to be ‘important’ or ‘extremely important’ to their organizations by late 2008.” Didn’t we see similar results even 5 years ago? Well, the facts are that less than 30% of PBX lines are IP phones. So what’s happening?

Here’s a clue. The survey continues that “More than three out of five organizations say they now view deploying unified communications at the end of 2008 as very important or “extremely important.”

So it’s less about TDM substitution, the original VoIP value prop, and more about moving the business forward and accelerating the business.

The value proposition for VoIP has now changed, to the point that VoIP is seen as a step to unified communications applications and to communications-enabled applications.

The business case is not about dial-tone, but about the business.

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Though VoIP for nomadic users has a very fast payback, saving LD and hotel charges.

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Good post and good comment..

I would even go to say, UC no longer needs a detailed busniess case. The next gen of users will be "epecting it" same as it is expected to now have dial tone,voice mobily and wifi hotspots every where..

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