Tony’s UC Best Practices

I was being interviewed by the press a while back and was asked about best UC best practices. That got me thinking and I came up with the following top ten:

Best Practice #1: Develop a Vision and Strategy for Enterprise Transformation. It’s no longer just about how work is done, but how business processes are organized and accelerated for increased effectiveness.

Best Practice #2: Develop a UC business case around how UC accelerates time to X (X= revenue, service, service, product, decision) and business processes in general. This requires you to engage with business owners to understand which user communities and application environments to target.

Best Practice #3: Converge telecom with the desktop for a unified client experience. The telecom and IT industries are converging, as are user expectations.

Best Practice #4: Get control of your mobility environment and drive for business advantage. The future is mobility, but your mobility costs are escalating.

Best Practice #5: Partner with suppliers that will help you unify your UC infrastructure. UC has to be about both client and infrastructure unification, for maximum benefit and lowest TCO.

Best Practice #6: Add multimedia applications to your UC system based on business opportunities. The core of any UC system is IM/presence and telephony, but rich collaboration comes through multimedia applications.

Best Practice #7: Address needs to accelerate key business processes through communications enabled applications. Human latency in existing processes is impacting customer service and increasing business costs.

Best Practice #8: Establish a SOA-based communications enablement environment that will improve agility, accuracy and speed. Vertically integrated single vendor systems will not deliver the agility you need.

Best Practice #9: Invest in critical network infrastructures to deliver consistent quality of experience for UC users and the new generation of applications. With growing enterprise reliance on UC and communications-enabled applications, you need to get the facts about performance, energy efficiency and TCO.

Best Practice #10: Partner with suppliers that have the strategic partnerships in place and the solution breadth and services to plan, deliver and operate solutions that best fit business objectives.

Make sense? What's missing?

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