Transforming Hyperconnectivity Challenges Into Opportunities

The challenges of Hyperconnectivity are clear: lower personal productivity and unsatisfied employees .... ineffective distributed teams and missed milestones and/or poorer quality of deliverables ..... on-hold business processes, slowed down by not being able to reach decision makers in a timely fashion ..... connectivity mayhem with a plethora of network attached devices .... exploding IT complexity and TCO.

So what should you do?

Well a couple of months ago, I set out to answer the question. I spoke to customers, listened to what analysts had to say, explored how Nortel IT was approaching the challenge and defined five high level calls to action.

I then captured the information in a white paper, aptly called "The Hyperconnected Enterprise- a CIO's Survival Guide".

Is the term 'survival' too strong. Frankly, it wasn't my first choice, preferring terms such as 'strategic imperatives'. But I went along with this suggestion, since the job expectancy of CIOs these days is based less on operational metrics (though still table stake) and more on delivering enhanced business value to the business, whether the business is a bank, a not-for-profit hospital or government agency.

There's more. Check out some video podcasts (I personally liked the animation-enhanced YouTube video) and an article by Joel Hackney, the President of Nortel Enterprise.

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