US Social Security Agency going VoIP- big time

One of the strategic goals of the US Social Security Agency is “to deliver high quality citizen centered service”. Speeding up the disability claim and appeal process, while making better and more effective use of people, are two important priorities, according to the SSA’s 5-year strategic plan. It’s not uncommon for disability claims to spend over 500 days in backlog!

To meet its objectives, the SSA has established a strategic objective of “improving service through technology, focusing on accuracy, security and efficiency”. To that end, it makes extensive use of three key channels to its clients: 1600 field offices, a 55000 seat virtual contact center (employing 85% of the total staff), and its web portal.

So when the SSA embarks of a $300 million ten-year project for its Telephony System Replacement Project, it’s a significant proof point of the value of VoIP, particularly in a contact center environment. Customers with large connect centers tell us that virtualization of contact centers leveraging VoIP can lower costs, increase effectiveness and improve business agility.

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