Verizon-Nortel Telepresence open for service

Verizon is basing its managed Telepresence service on a partnership with Nortel. The service provides "complete setup and management of telepresence conferences, including pre-connected and configured video circuits, and the ability for users to make conference reservations online."

Makes sense to me. The service will leverage Nortel's extensive global infrastructure of Multimedia Network Operations Centers.

My guess is that Cisco didn't make the short list, because their solution is a closed system locking the customer and the service provider into Cisco, from cradle to grave. Why would anyone invest millions of dollars in a Cisco proprietary solution?

In contrast, Nortel's solution leverages partnerships with industry leading Polycom and Tandberg, to deliver a broad range of desktop and room video interworking. This is a much better fit with what customers really need.

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You should read more because your comments are incorrect. Careful saying that in front of customers (or in Blogs) because the statement is not factually correct.

TonyR: I asked the commentor to explain his comment. He said: "Yes, your statement is not factually correct. "Cisco uses proprietary software in TelePresence" is a correct statement. (BTW - so does Tandberg and Polycom).... what isn't correct is the statement that it's a closed system. Cisco Telepresence will interoperate with other providers via standards, whether that's H.323, H.320, and/or SIP. If you want a Tandberg unit to talk to a Polycom system they do it the exact same way..... just trying to keep you honest.

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