Nexus is not a Lexus- Part 2

Well, the blogsphere is a wonderful space.

After my original Nexus is no Lexus posting of Feb 13, Brad Reese of Network World picked it up, and that generated a response from Cisco and a further comment from me.

Two highlights:
1) In November, Cisco announced VSS, touted for non-stop communications and bandwidth scalability; now it tells us that it won’t be supported on Nexus (in contrast to Nortel’s proven end-to-end architecture based on MultiLink Trunking; end to end means wiring closet to aggregation to core).
2) Energy efficiency will be the subject of lots of marketing claims and misinformation (see my last posting). Third party validation is key for enterprises to make the right decisions.

You may also want to take a look at Phil Edhom’s blog posting which was triggered by some commentary associated with the Nexus launch. In it, he suggests that it may be time for Cisco customers to demand multi-vendor solutions with better price/performance enabled partially through "merchant" silicon, and thus push Cisco to change their business/technology model (or exit the market as IBM has done in the PC space!). Take a read and draw your own conclusions.

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