The Switch is on (to Nortel Data)

Great news for enterprises, who now have a proven low risk choice to the guerilla.

Sure some of these have been loyal customers since the Bay days and are now moving to the latest and greatest.

But most are swapping out their incumbent vendor (often Cisco) in favor of better performance and resilience, lower energy consumption and/or lower TCO. Yet others are bringing a second vendor (Nortel) into their networking environment as part of a dual vendor strategy. In both these cases, interoperability with the installed base is table stake.

By way of example, the CIO of Fred Weber, a construction and materials supply company in Missouri, whose incumbent data vendor had not been Nortel, said “Quite frankly, we were dead set on another solution, but we listened to Nortel and we were very pleased with what they were able to provide.”

So get the facts and make the best choice for your business.

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You wish...checked the Dell'Oro or Gartner numbers lately...

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