Cisco Webex Disconnect

This just in from a friend, JohnT, who is a Technical Director at a UK SI.

"Last night I tried to attend the Cisco Collaboration Summit. Just to be clear, this was a Web conference run by one of the world's biggest conferencing vendor using their own in-house Webex conferencing service to announce enhancements to their UC and conference offerings. We had to pre-register so you would think that they could plan for it to go smoothly. Well, when I first tried to join I got a message saying "Close your browser" (what, all of my sessions?) "and restart in 1 min 23 secs" (...and counting). So I did and got server error messages several times which indicated that the servers were overloaded (or under-spec'd as we server guys say). After 30 minutes of retrying I finally got a screen saying 'webex.' and 'waiting for' but no video."

His closing message to me was "Don't bet your conferencing solution on these people".

My read is that Cisco's plan to use this 'platform to integrate UC into business applications', puts enterprises at risk and doesn't meet their primary needs.

CXO's tell us that, while there is a place for SaaS (and it better be reliable), communications-enabled applications must be deliverable on secure and reliable platforms they can deploy in their own data centers.

The Nortel SOA-based Agile Communication Environment enables communications enablement of business processes, is vendor agnostic and spans both enterprise and hosted environments.

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Tony - good post! I have experienced some rough edges with larger conferences on Webex as well and your friend's feedback also has been confirmed by others - one common thread is there is usually and international element of the poorer quality sessions.

Hm, that's very interesting and really too bad to hear that. After all, WebEx is supposed to be one of the leaders in web conferencing and their event was largely advertised so they should have prepared for it better. Too bad it was like this.

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