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How many cases do you know of, in which a patient in a hospital knows they will be discharged on a particular day, as do the ward nursing staff, but the actual discharge takes place only after hours of sitting around and waiting. The problem is that the doctors required to authorize the discharge are often reached only after the nurse has made 10 to 12 calls. This has changed for the better at Orlando Regional Healthcare, through the communications enablement of clinical applications.

M. D. Anderson – Orlando, a subsidiary of Orlando Regional Healthcare, has deployed a Patient Discharge application that has shortened discharge times by 4 hours and estimates that annual revenues can be increased by as much as $11 million with a conservative increase of 6,000 discharges per year. The application saves critical time and enhances productivity, all to better serve their patients

This is an excellent example of how accelerating communications can improve costs, quality of care, patient safety and efficiency.

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