WebSphere at 10 Gives Nortel ACE A Boost

IBM's Websphere is 10 years old.

Back in 1998, there were 25 developers. Today, there are 6000 across IBM and another 10,000 developer partners (including Nortel), serving some 100,000 WebSphere customers.

The initial focus was on rapid development of web apps supporting HTTP, Servlet and Java environments. WebSphere has since evolved to being a SOA platform, including connectivity to many systems, such as Oracle databases, SAP and Siebel CRM. It now includes a suite of products including the WebSphere Application Server (WAS), which is based on open standards such as J2EE, XML and the new Web Services standards.

And WebSphere continues to evolve with increased scalability, and expanded support for social computing, rich Internet applications, and Web 2.0.

Wintergreen Research reports that WebSphere has a 64% market share, against direct competitors such as Oracle's (BEA's) WebLogic, and open source challengers such as JBoss.

This is all to explain why we have chosen IBM's WAS as the first framework with which to integrate the Nortel Agile Communication Environment (ACE). Integrating with IBM's WAS, and associated WebSphere products such as WebSphere Modeler and Portal, allows Nortel to achieve higher performance, speed and simplicity in accelerating deployment of customer Communications Enabled Application solutions based on ACE.

It's a software world, and ACE will integrate with other environments, such as Microsoft BizTalk and .NET, and SAP's NetWeaver.

Contrast this with Cisco's network-centric SONA approach which many believe will be a bottleneck rather than an accelerator of business accelerating applications.

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A bit disappointed at your final paragraph. The article you sited is almost 2 years old. Do you have anything new to back your view about Cisco's ACE? Are you winning any deals for your ACE against Cisco's SONA?

And one question for you, how will your Microsoft Partners and MCST/NT joint cutomers view this IBM's Websphere integration with ACE? Are you forcing them to adopt IBM infrastructure if they are to use your ACE capabilities?...............................Tony's response: The comments on SONA as a bottleneck for application innovation come from Gartner's latest UC Magic Quadrant. I personally haven't seen much recently on SONA (either positive or negative) except that Cisco Motion avoided any reference to SONA ....................................Stay tuned on some big ACE wins. Generally, exceptional traction with customers.................................And by the way, integration with WebSphere is the first step as we will be integrating with other environments such as .NET.

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