Formula 0 Race and The Cisco Energy Tax

Last summer in Rotterdam, six teams competed in a Formula 0 race, a new zero emission race series took place on a .5Km track. Each car was powered by a commercial fuel cell that produces electricity from hydrogen.


How does this relate to green networking?

We are certainly not about to introduce an Ethernet Switch powered by a fuel cell. But green is certainly top of mind in Nortel, expressed as developing solutions that allows our customers to stop paying the Cisco Energy Tax ... and get some virtual cars off the road.

Did you know that every time you buy a CAT6500 instead of ERS8600....
• It is like adding 3.9 cars on the road per year !!!
• CO2 emissions = Electricity of 2.8 homes per year !!!
• CO2 emissions = Energy use of 1.9 homes per year !!!
• CO2 emissions = 2,415 Gallons of gasoline consumed

This is huge... and important.

University of Toledo (Ohio) is a case in point. The $1.5 million in estimated costs savings* on electrical consumption over 5 years provided a compelling case for making a switch from the University's incumbent networking vendor to Nortel. Their decision kept lots of virtual cars off the roads!

So you probably have some home to do and the Nortel Energy Efficiency Calculator could help.

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