Powering Hyperconnectivity: Catching the Wave

Hyperconnectivity drives powering needs as everything and everyone gets connected and as server farms expand to meet the demand.

A to-be-published Nemertes survey report finds that 23% of US CIO have a green program. One element is of course improving energy efficiency of the underlying IT infrastructure.

One societal goal is to reduce energy demands, as we have done in our Ethernet switches (would you believe 40% less energy consumed compared to Cisco?).

Another societal goal is to expand the use of clean renewal energy sources.

Ocean waves are a major opportunity. I can personally attest to the power of waves of the mega variety (would you believe 20 meters or 60 feet high). I experienced just such waves when my cruise ship went through a category 3 hurricane off the coast of Argentina (the first hurricane to be ever observed by satellite in the southern Atlantic). They kept coming and coming- clean, renewable and powerful (even breaking the window in one cabin!)

A major milestone has been reached with the first commercial wave energy generator being commissioned off the coast of Portugal. (Pelamis Wave Power). Within a year, it will be generating 22.5MW of clean renewable power.

Imagine putting a self-winding watch in a bottle in the middle of the ocean. It will run indefinitely.

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