Vehicular Ad Hoc Mesh Networking

Hyperconnectivity includes all sorts of mobility modes and networking technologies.

I recently heard a BBC interview with Giovanni Pau of UCLA. He was discussing an innovative wireless mesh networking technology that he has deployed in a number of vehicles across the UCLA campus.

What he demonstrated was car-to-car video conferencing system, though perhaps this isn't the best example of how this technology could be used. The protocol that made this all happen across standard WiFi radios was what he called SWARM, a Swarming Protocol for vehicular Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks.

You might be aware that Nortel is partner in the MIT-initiated One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program, and in fact was a major contributor in the area of ad hoc wireless mesh networking.

Hyperconnectivity will be enabled by a whole range of technologies, many existing and some yet to be invented.

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