EnergySmart Hospitals Don't Pay The Cisco Energy Tax

The EnergySmart Hospitals Initiative was launched last July and aims to help improve efficiency in existing buildings by 20%! This is a laudable objective, since more than 50% of institutions reported double digit energy cost increases... and lights out operation is not an option.

Part of that saving can be achieved by switching to Nortel healthcare solutions, which use 40% less energy, while delivering 7x the resilience of those from Cisco.

This is a win-win for energy conscious hospitals who also demand clinical-grade networks.

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Nortel in hospitals? Considering that they are getting out of the optical business, how much more until they leave the router & switch business? I've replaced more nortel in hospitals. Hospitals keep equipment until it falls apart. It remains to be seen if nortel will even be in business in 3+ yrs.
TonyRyb responds: Our recent moves will allow us to put more emphasis on enterprise and accelerate our transformation towards software and services.

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