Energywise- Another Cisco Lock-in

I wrote awhile back that there were three problems with Energywise:
1) It is a security breach waiting to happen.
2) Apps should run on IP networks not be slave to them.
3) Painting Cisco switches with EnergyWise paint doesn't make them any more energy efficient. The Cisco Energy Tax lives on.

Now, Mike Fratto talks to a fourth major problem, when he says
"Cisco's EnergyWise, which proposes building-wide energy management, should have gone to the International Telecommunication Union three years ago."

So buyer beware.

Mike continues on a differnet front:
"Take network access control. Cisco has all but abandoned its NAC framework and partner program. Microsoft threw some of its Network Access Protection specifications to the Trusted Computing Group, but Cisco consistently has refused to even acknowledge the TCG's legitimacy. So much for interoperability."

Need I say more?

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