EnergyWise is Another Cisco Lock-in

Previously, I highlighted three problems with Cisco's EnergyWise:
1) security vulnerabilities,
2) it's should be an app, and
3) it doesn't make Cisco switches any more efficient.

Now Art Wittmann has raised the very valid concern that it's proprietary to Cisco and its few partners. He observes "So if you happen to be a Cisco, Schneider, SolarWinds, or Verdiem shop--lucky you!" But if you're one of these and want to change, you have just been locked in. And if you're not one of these, you have just been locked out. Ugh! This is not the business practice that is going to help save this planet.

Art then hit the nail on the head: "there was a buck to made, so Cisco decided not to go that (standards) route". Sounds familiar.

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