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Central to our efforts to give you the facts on the Cisco energy tax as compared to Nortel solutions, is the Nortel Energy Efficiency Calculator. This calculator is an engineering planning tool, that not only addressees networking in the data center (the hottest area in Green IT discussions), but also the converged LAN/WAN including IP phones and call servers.

I played with it and it’s a very neat tool..

For example, it includes average industrial energy costs from every US state and from various regions around the world, and automatically calculates heat generation in BTUs and CO2 emissions.

It allows you to assess the relative efficiencies of Nortel and Cisco in wiring closets with a mix of PoE and non-PoE environments. To illustrate the thought that went into the design of the tool, you can also specify the average utilization of phones, since the power consumption is different when you’re talking or not talking. In this regard, a contact center has very different power consumption than a general business office.

One customer case we modeled, for a building with 2500 IP phones, resulted in a 5-year saving of over $630,000 by going with a Nortel solution over one from Cisco.

So get the facts and invite Nortel to the table to assess how the Cisco energy tax is impacting you and what tax avoidance strategies you can use.

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