Beyond The Hyperconnected Enterprise

If I have said it once, I have said it a hundred times….”Hyperconnectivity is a megatrend whereby everyone and everything that can benefit from being connected to the network will be connected.”

And that includes enterprises themselves!

After all, every enterprise has suppliers, customers, and partners, who are all part of an expanding ecosystem Increasingly, work will be performed wherever it can be most cost effectively done, with much less regard to the organization of the doer (employee, partner, contractor, open source contributor, whoever). This is very different than the vertically integrated industries of the last century.

What will help make this happen? One word: FEDERATIONS.

Federations are all about extending trust across domains.

Federated unified communications systems will enable effective real-time collaboration anytime, anywhere over any media; and federated SOA-based cross domain business processes will accelerate the delivery of products and services to customers.

Federations will not only impact how work is done, but how it is organized across, what some call, the virtual or Hyperconnected enterprise.

It’s not as far out as you think. For example, Nortel and Microsoft are federated today when it comes to unified communications, selectively exposing presence and directories across these two companies.

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