Hyperconnected User Pull vs Business Push?

We all accept that hyperconnectivity is coming- everyone who can benefit from being connected will be connected using whatever device he or she is using. But in fact, it's happening faster than we expected.

A Nortel-funded IDC survey of nearly 2400 information workers around the world found that 16% of them termed 'hyperconnected users' (with another 36% of 'highly connected users' waiting in the wings), rely on and expect a range of mobile, unified communications and social networking capabilities, in their work environments. But user pull for personal productivity tools is not sufficient for a business case to invest in unified communications and related technologies.

What is clearly needed is a business push for these types of group and enterprise productivity solutions, based on opportunities to accelerate the business.

Help is at hand. These same hyperconnected users can act as agents of change within the enterprise to rationalize user pull and business push for unified communications.

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