The Two Sides of The Hyperconnectivity Coin

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. "Hyperconnectivity is a megatrend whereby everything and everyone that can benefit from being connected will be connected."

The other side of the Hyperconnectivity coin, and to great degree a key enabler, is the megatrend that everything (not yet everyone!) that can benefit from being digitized will be digitized.

I see three reasons why these are two sides to the Hyperconnectivity coin.
1) Once content (music, books, photos/painting, medical records, movies) are digitized, add some headers to this digitized content and you have packetized data ready to go.
2) Once content such as audio and video are streamed over the network, then it is trivial to store them for later retrieval, analysis and replay. Think about it. This has led to the rapid replacement of analog security cameras by digitized and packetized systems running on IP and PCs.
3) The above digitization is focused on audio, image, video and data, but the technology for cost effective digitization now can sense and measure a hundred different physical and environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, pressure, acidity, air quality, movement, radiation level, and so.

Low cost and high capacity storage and processing of digitized content and low cost and high capacity networking of packetized content together make Hyperconnectivity inevitable.

And we're seeing these coming together everyday in our pockets, in our homes and at work. For enterprises, it's all about converting Hyperconnectivity challenges into huge opportunities to make or save money and to make the world a better place.

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