Wireless To Power Hyperconnectivity

Hyperconnectivity and particularly mobility is largely enabled or encumbered by battery power. Help is at hand from an unlikely source.

Something called Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL), a concept championed by MIT.

Intel Corp. recently demonstrated this technology at their Developer Forum. WREL can power various mobility devices without wires.

You still need batteries but you could leave your cables behind. Your handheld would get recharged when you are in a resonant energy hot spot. This could be as simple as putting your device on a table with an embedded transmit resonator.

It's all done through magnetic induction between an antenna (transmitter) operating at a specific frequency and a device tuned to that frequency. It's sort of similar to an opera singer hitting a note and shattering a glass. The demonstration actually lit a light bulb from a few feet away.

When might we see products? Some time after the next summer Olympics!

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Very Cool. Sounds like could technology for dual mode handsets in the enterprise to overcome the battery hogging 802.11 antennas. I usually set my cell on my desk anyway. Do I really have to wait 4 more years?

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