Dual-mode cell phone- without WiFi

What if your cell could have two numbers: one for your business use (in fact, the same as your office number), and one for your personal use? Whenever you made a business call, the called party would see your business number or name. Whenever you are on your cell, presence would show you ‘on the phone’. If you had a smart phone with a UC client, the experience would be even richer. And you could save up to 30% on your cell charges by using fewer cell minutes, bypassing roaming charges and leveraging WiFi, if you had a real dual-mode phone with cell and WiFi capabilities. Does this sound to good too be true? Check this out.

Some of the tricks of the trade?

The PBX maintains control of the mobile device, hence the ability to assign a business number to a cell phone.

When a mobile user receives an incoming call notification, the user can chose to accept the call on his/her mobile device, or re-direct the call to any number shown on the pop-up menu.

When initiating a call from the mobile phone, the user can chose to have the communications server call them first at any specified number.

When in WiFi coverage, the user can select to use VoIP bypassing the cell network altogether.

These type of UC mobility solutions deliver more efficient and affordable mobile communications that are simpler to use and manage.

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