Let your fingers do the walking when you’re walking

Microsoft recently showed off a touch-screen technology (using MacOS!) for mobile devices. To solve the problem of using your finger to point to what you want on a small screen, they teamed up with Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs to develop Lucid Touch, a transparent touch sensitive screen that allows the user to see what he/she is doing by pointing from behind.

Is this neat or what?! But will it fly?


Experts tell us that the tablet PC was also a friendlier human interface, but this wasn’t enough to make it anything more than a niche solution today.

What is clear is that mobility and small screens go hand in hand.

So is the solution in something like Lucid Touch, or iPhone-style interfaces, or voice recognition or eyeball tracking?

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Yeh really neat, but I can't see this working in a regular sized mobile device. Voice input, if it worked consistently well, would be really good, but not in some environments,

I'll stick to a stylus for now!

This new touch screen technology made me think of accessibility and products for the disabled. I think that topic would make for an interesting article. What is Nortel doing in this area? How do they match up against the competition in terms of making communication products easier for the disabled to use? How about accessible documentation? If the world is going to be hyper-connected it would be nice if the disabled could more easily be a part of it. Thanks, Matt

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