My New Desktop Phone- Back to the Future

Last December, I blogged on the fact that I had unplugged my desktop phone (replacing it with a LG-Nortel USB phone 8501), though I observed that this wasn't for everyone!

Well I attended the Nortel Technical Conference, and in fact hosted the final day, and won a new desktop phone- sort of.

Bluetooth retro handset.jpg

Actually, the handset is a Bluetooth device married to my cell phone. Look carefully- no flexicord of olde.

What could have been my grandfather's rotary dial phone is my improvisation for a handset cradle- some place to put my new handset. Fits perfectly!

Visitors get a puzzled look when I answer a call (with my cell on vibrate) using this handset.

No geekier, IMHO, than people who wear cyber ear buds and walk down the street talking into the air;)

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