SMBs Looking For Converged Mobility Services

According to a new survey of 900 SMB and enterprise decision-makers in the US, France and the UK, Converged Mobility (also called Fixed Mobile Convergence or FMC) is the new service SMBs are most likely to consider from a service provider. Converged mobility is the ability to make phone calls over WiFi and cellular networks via a dual-mode phone.

There are a couple of important reasons why SMBs and enterprises are interested in Converged Mobility. One is that employees of big and small companies are increasingly mobile and want a true broadband experience for voice and data wherever they are. The other is that people who pay the bills in these organizations need to manage their costs better and gain control over their mobile environments. It’s staggering- the average enterprise spends 4x more every year on mobility services than on depreciation expenses for networking gear (routers, switches PBXs and the such).

So hopefully, service providers can meet these expectations in their Converged Mobility offers. If not, there are always solutions from suppliers such as Nortel that don’t rely on service provider services.

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