Rock-solid Ethernet For Carrier backbones

The Hyperconnected enterprise is going to be largely made up of all forms of wireless access, supported by a high capacity optical backbone (optimized on Ethernet and IP, in both cases, across private and public network domains). Within the enterprise, the challenge is network simplification, while delivering improved network resilience, better network performance and lower TCO.

In the public network space, you may not be particularly tracking backbone networking technologies being rolled out by service providers. You’ve likely heard of MPLS, but the reality is that, with Hyperconnectivity in enterprise and similar developments in the consumer market (e.g. mobile video, multimedia gaming etc), MPLS networks are becoming way too complex. Provider Backbone Transport (PBT) is one of the key technology responses to these challenges.

BT and Southern Light agree with me.Why? PBT delivers the same predictability and resiliency of traditional SONET-based networks, and is based on a technology you’re more than familiar with: Ethernet. It can be used as the foundation of an end-to-end service (e.g. in metro areas) or as an on-ramp to MPLS WANs.

As I have said many times, Hyperconnectivity demands network simplification, with increased real-time performance, scalability and reliability. PBT is an important part of the equation, as are 4th gen wireless technologies such as 801.11n and WiMax.

In fact, some of our larger enterprise customers are looking at what PBT can do for them in their internal networks!

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