Global Crossing, Nortel and Microsoft

than one thing in common with Nortel..

Like Nortel, Global Crossing is a strong advocate of SIP and has developed a suite of SIP trunking services.

And like Nortel, they are working with Microsoft. Under the Innovative Communications Alliance, we are continuing to work to transform communications towards a software-centric environment, while Global Crossing is stepping up to meet the trunking needs of enterprises embracing OCS 2007.

These have come together in news that Global Crossing has demonstrated interoperability between OCS 2007 Release 2 and its SIP trunking offering. Sprint announced a similar offering.

This is an important step in evolving OCS into a telephony platform in the context of UC- most would agree that there is still much work to be done though OCS today can meet the needs of some types of users. Interestingly, Nortel can help enterprises embark on this road in a way that maintains the integrity of the end-to-end telephony system, while leveraging their existing investments (so critical in today's economic climate).

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