Nortel Embraces OCS 2007 Telephony

The recent OCS 2007 R2 announcement by Microsoft highlights the growing set of telephony feature provided by OCS.

This includes for example,
> Attendant console and delegation
> SIP CO trunking
> "Response group", providing a simple-to-use basic engine for call treatment, routing and queuing, and
> Single-number reachability to mobile devices such as Blackberry and Windows Mobile platforms.

So what is Nortel's response to user interest in OCS telephony, particularly for mobile and nomadic users?

Nortel is actively working with Microsoft, and our customers, to demonstrate the value of OCS, including its telephony features. This can be done through a variety of pilot programs that give customers the chance to test drive OCS, and ultimately to integrate it into their enterprise telephony environment. These are fully supported by Nortel Global Services, leveraging core competencies in voice and data, and in Microsoft technologies.

Whether you're an existing Nortel telephony customer or not, these trial opportunities offer a great chance to see Nortel and Microsoft solutions and services working together.

So Nortel is distancing itself from traditional PBX vendors (including Cisco) who pooh pooh OCS telephony, by embracing these UC telephony solutions under its unique alliance with Microsoft.

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