OCS-enabled Contact Center

With all the excitement last week at VoiceCon, you might have missed the news of the week before VoiceCon.

Microsoft and Nortel jointly announced their commitment to deliver transformed solutions in the contact center space under the Innovative Communications Alliance.

This solution from Nortel-Microsoft will not only UC-enable the contact center with Office Communicator, but will speed up customer service. Microsoft estimates that 10% of contact center calls (1 billion per year worldwide) can be expedited by reaching out to subject matter experts across the enterprise. Nortel calls this feature ‘Expert Anywhere’ which has been available using the Nortel Contact Center and MCS 5100 UC solution for some time.

Customers will be able to see proof-of-concept demonstrations of the Nortel Contact Center Suite (which Info-Tech solidly positions as #2 in the market in revenues, agents and systems) as a software application integrated with OCS 2007, by visiting our joint Collaboration Centers later this summer.

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Kudos to Microsoft for forming alliances with Nortel and Aspect Software to help accelerate the adoption of unified communications in the contact center.

For those interested in more information about how Microsoft arrived at the 10 percent number, it is from a survey recently conducted by Leo J. Shapiro, LLC, an independent research firm based in Chicago. The complete research report, entitled "An Evaluative Report of the Knowledge Worker's Role in the Contact Center, 2008, can be found here: http://aspect.12hna.com/aspectcometogether/downloads/ASP_10-Percent-Rpt_SummaryDoc_Feb08%20FINAL.pdf

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