Forrester on Accelerating The Business Through UC

Communications enabled applications can accelerate your business. For example, Global Crossing is an early adoptor of unified communications, and leverages LCS and OCS APIs to accelerate exception handling within their service provisioning process.

But business acceleration does not rely on communications enabling your business processes. Accelerating human rather then electronic processes can be achieved by targeting unified communications deployments.

In my Oct 25 blog, I talked of the 500+% return on investments that Forrester's 'composite company' saved through business acceleration through UC (a summary was presented by Elizabeth Herrell at the OCS event in NYC). If you can quantify the savings associated with Elizabeth’s top six areas, then you are well on your way to developing a business case for UC.

Here’s her list:
1) accelerated projects through access to key decision makers
2) access to experts and better and more timely collaboration
3) faster problem resolution (e.g., can help address last minute problems encountered after major investments)
4) improved customer experience and a potential for increased sales by meeting customer needs in responsive way
5) reduced internal travel (in Nortel, after every web conference, we are asked on-line to evaluate the experience and identify if travel was avoided)
6) shortened sales cycle and increased revenues by providing better connectivity to field/sales folks

Which of your business processes are most heavily impacted by human delay today?

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