TMC UC Products of the Year

May I have the envelope please for the UC Product of the Year award winners?


Here’re three of my personal favorites:

Nortel’s Multimedia Conferencing (NMC): I use it everyday and in fact have my own virtualized bridge number (as does every other Nortel employee). I’ll even use the meet-me feature on two party calls- easier than chasing each other to connect! I really like the use of IM to convey a cheat sheet of chairperson commands and to track participant involvement. I couldn’t live without it!

Microsoft’s OCS 2007: It really is a neat product, especially when integrated with our business grade telephony solutions. BTW, NMC is also integrated with OCS- a first you can see at VoiceCon next week. IBM is investing $1B to strengthen its Sametime UC solution against OCS, also with our help.

FirstHand’s mobility solutions (now part of Counterpath, a Terry Matthews initiative): These folks have some interesting mobility technology. That's why they are one of our strategic partners.

Which are your favorites?

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The list of actual winners is so long it might be easier to list those that didn't win an award.

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