Predictions for 2008

The New Year is almost upon us and I can’t help but wonder – what’s next for IP communications?  What’s in store for all of us in 2008?

My predictions, based on extensive conversations with customers, partners and media-folk:

An Increased Focus on Security:  Of course enterprise network security has always been a priority.  While up until now we have seen much back-and-forth about VoIP and security in general, in 2008 I imagine the security discussion will get even louder as adoption of SIP-based communications continues to rise.  As security vendors we must remain vigilant in meeting interoperability standards to enable VoIP to actually become as widely used as other Internet-based applications as email or Web surfing and in developing innovative, best-in-breed solutions.  We must also work together to educate the industry about which threats are genuine and which are just marketing spin to sell ineffective products.

SIP Trunking:  One of the reasons for the continued increase in VoIP deployments is SIP trunking.  It’s a fast and easy-to-deploy solution that has opened the door for smaller enterprises – as well as the mid-to-large-sized – to adopt SIP-based VoIP.  It’s also a low-cost option in which enterprises reap the benefits almost immediately. 

We at Ingate have been helping to spread the word about SIP trunking through the ITEXPO seminars (, and let me tell you, attendance goes up significantly every time.  Why?  Because there’s still a great need for information on SIP trunks and for solutions roadmaps.

There’s also a need for dispelling myths.  Can VoIP really be secure?  Truth be told, SIP-based communications like VoIP can be more secure than those over the PSTN.   Are SIP Trunks difficult to deploy in an enterprise setting?  Nope.  And we’ll prove it at our upcoming SIP trunking seminars at the ITEXPO in January, where we’ll deploy a SIP trunk right there, on-site, in 20 minutes or less.  Twice.

VoIP 2.0:  OK it’s not really VoIP 2.0, but in 2008 I predict that we’ll see an interest in other SIP-based applications – not just VoIP – grab some headlines.  We’ll also see a surge in the use of these realtime applications beyond the LAN, a significant jump in connecting remote workers and even customers with SIP.

From all of us at Ingate Systems, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year!

-- Olle
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