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Secure Unified Communications

July 10, 2008 10:11 AM | 0 Comments
Unified Communications (UC) is an important concept that can take your enterprise to the next level with regard to efficiency, of achieving the very most in cost savings from your communications expenses. And, contrary to popular rumors and scare stories floating around, UC can be very secure if you protect your network and the communication with the appropriate technologies and equipment.

UC is the integration of many forms of communication, including fixed and mobile voice, and Internet based applications such as email, IM, VoIP, presence...you get the idea. While this sounds complicated, the goal of UC is to simplify communications so that everyone can be reached anywhere, anytime, via the mode of communication that's most helpful for them (for instance if I'm in a meeting, I'll get your email on my cell phone, and you'll see I'm unavailable for a phone call on the presence application running from your desktop).

Unfortunately there are those among us leveraging the "hype" surrounding UC to scare end users into believing that something that seems so complicated must inherently be insecure. This is not so. Continue Reading...


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