An Exciting Time in Enterprise VoIP

These are interesting times for every player in the IP communications space. SIP trunking has really been taking off, making enterprise VoIP easier to adopt - and more cost-effective - than ever before. Carriers and IP-PBXs are seeing this growth opportunity, and enterprises are today eager for information on the what, why and how of SIP trunking.

It is an exciting time for me as well. I recently joined Ingate as CEO, and let me tell you there is much happening not only on the SIP trunking front, but in the SIP-based IP communications industry as well. I had the opportunity to meet a great many new colleagues recently at the ITEXPO in Los Angeles. Partners, customers, VARs, end-users are all eager for solutions that address security, that make deployments easier, and that future-proof their networks. More and more carriers are moving into the SIP trunking segment, and they need information - as well as solutions - to help them build their businesses and to reach as many IP-PBX brands as possible.

I am thrilled to be a part of this industry, and to join Ingate. The company is leading the charge in developing solutions that enable trusted SIP communications, SIP trunking, remote SIP connectivity etc. I wanted to take this opportunity in the Ingate blog to introduce myself and provide my perspective, that of a newcomer excited about this burgeoning industry.

My background is from the carrier side of the business. I recently served as chief executive officer and member of the board for Zitius Service Delivery AB, a leading broadband communications operator in Sweden that I co-founded in 2003. I also held a pivotal leadership role at Alcatel Nordics (now Alcatel-Lucent), where I led the Broadband Communications Division as general manager, based in Denmark. I steered Alcatel Nordics through post-merger integration activities after the company acquired Newbridge Networks A/S, a leading Canadian broadband and telecommunications equipment manufacturer. More about my career can be found in he "About Me" section above.

We will be continuing this blog with new, frequent updates. Of course we are always interested in your perspectives - if there is a topic you want addressed (or would just like to chat), please drop me a note anytime.

- Anders (

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