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Essential reading on SIP, Ingate's new e-book is a resource guide on SIP trunking, SIP security, VoIP, Unified Communications and more.  

A case study illustrating the ROI of SIP trunking achieved by Kool Smiles, a children's dental management practice with offices across the US, is included.

Topics covered in the e-book include:

•    What is the SIP protocol?

•    The Basics of SIP Trunking.

•    What is NAT?

•    SIP Trunking: Bring your Own Bandwidth

•    Managed SIP Trunking Service Providers

•    The Role of an Ingate in a Managed Services Environment

•    What is SIPconnect?

•    SIP Security

•    Routing Rules and Policies

Download "What is SIP Trunking?" for free: http://www.tmcnet.com/tmc/whitepapers/white-paper.aspx?id=4562&title=What+is+SIP+Trunking%3f+eBook


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