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July 2008

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Sightspeed gets a foothold!

July 30, 2008

We absolutely love the Voice/Video/IM product from Sightspeed as it's quick, clear, supports multiple webcams with a variety of resolutions and best of all it's SIP based.  And now we hear that Dell is bundling a 'branded' version of Sightspeed on all it's new PCs and Laptops.  It's called Dell Video Chat.

Link to the site is here to download the client for your PC - Dell or not!


I suppose it's worth asking the question why Dell chose Sightspeed over Skype?  Maybe the folks at Sightspeed were so flexible in delivering a 'branded' and customized product that met Dells needs that Skype couldn't compete - Maybe Dell didn't even ask them?.  It will also be interesting to see if any more manufacturers go along this path.

SIPit23 announced

July 25, 2008

If you are not aware of these - SIPits are where manufacturers of SIP devices / software etc. all get together and try to make things work and connect; then make notes on things that aren't quite right and go away and fix them.  Simple idea and great for moving things forward in the world of SIP.  The next SIPIT, SIPit23 has been announced and it's going to be in France between the 13th and 17th of October. Registration details here.


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