HTC beats the iPhone (for us anyway)

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HTC beats the iPhone (for us anyway)

So after weeks of working out what's the best upgade for the mobile phones at
Vocale the winner is the HTC Touch HD with the Apple iPhone losing out.

This was a really frustrating exercise as we wanted so much for the iPhone to work for us but features that we needed were just not available or simply did not work the way we wanted them to, such as:

  • Inability to tether to a laptop to be used as a 3G modem.. Yes we've seen numerous posts and arguements about making this work but no, we're not going to Jailbreak anything.
  • Poor support for 3rd party applications where if you are running a SIP client and switch to an onboard Apple app, the client is shut off - How can people call?  Ok, we could use Jajah but that's not the point of SIP to SIP communications.
We even toyed with the idea of using the iTouch and it's Wifi feature to run a SIP client but Wifi just isn't everywhere yet.

Ok, I'm a little dissapointed in not having the iPhone with access to it's 'ginormous' App Store but the Windows Mobile 6.1 system just hits all the right buttons for us with the ability to set up a SIP client connection built in... and we'll even get a radio!

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