@MrSIP is a another Twitter Nut!

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@MrSIP is a another Twitter Nut!

So I've been on Twitter for a few weeks and gathered some followers and followed people that I think will have something interesting to say - especially regarding SIP and VoIP etc.   Yet, I wanted more so... I decided to play with various Twitter clients and apps that have come to my attention over the past few weeks and boy am I loving all this.


Ping.fm (www.ping.fm)


This is great as it allows me to send one message out and Ping.fm will update my status on LinkedIn, Facebook, Delicious and loads more - perfect time saver


Hootsuite (www.hootsuite.com)


This builds on Ping.fm where if I tweet from Hootsuite it will pass onto Ping.fm and onwards from there to my other accounts... Where Hootsuite adds more features (for me) is it has the ability to let me post a message but set a delivery day/time - perfect for spreading out tweets and not driving people crazy with a lot in the space of a few minutes.   When it's working, I think you can also link to Googles adsense and earn a few cents (but don't give up the day job).  Another top feature is that if you shorten your URLs using their own ow.ly feature, when followers click on the link Hootsuite will gather stats the click.  You can then see how popular things you are sending out actually are.  Oh, and you can have multiple Twitter accounts all available under one logon.


Twhirl (www.twhirl.com)


I've been using Twirl as my client since starting and love it's simple interface and notification 'pop up' ... it may not be for you but it's worth a try.


Tweetdeck (www.tweetdeck.com)


Heard so much about this app that I needed to try it.  Ok, you can organise your Friends, Direct Messages and Group friends together etc but I'm still not convinced - I need to stick with it to see how this pans out.  One cool feature is that it connects to Facebook and shows you your friends status updates from there.


Twollo (www.twollo.com)


Great site for finding people that you may like to follow.  If you are interest in something like VoIP, then Twollo can either suggest or autoconnect you to people in the directory that have that tag associated with them.  A good way to build up the usefulness of Twitter.

And now for the iPhone (via their Apps store) I've been using


Twitterfon - working out great for me, but now downloaded the new Tweetdeck which (once I've managed to logon) I'm sure will be brilliant...


I'll keep you posted on any more Twitter fun I get up to...  and if you want to follow me on Twitter - @MrSIP

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