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July 2009

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Brekeke partner with The SIP School™

July 28, 2009

The SIP School has gained another major endorsement for its SIP training and SSCA™ certification service and this time it's from Brekeke, a growing leader in the IP-PBX and SIP server software market.   Brekeke is based out of San Mateo, California and produces SIP Server and IP PBX solutions that can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris plus many other platforms.   As a Brekeke 'IT Business Training Partner', The SIP School™ is recommended by Brekeke as the place to go to gain an excellent understanding of SIP which is the protocol that underpins their IP PBX and SIP Server products.   Graham Francis, CEO of The SIP School said: "It's great news for us to be partnering with Brekeke as once again it shows that companies understand that good foundation training on SIP is required so that people can install and support their products more effectively"

SIP, a reality check

July 13, 2009

If you and your company are involved in Voice over IP and Unified Communications then there's no doubt you'll have heard about SIP (the Session Initiation Protocol).  You may be (even a little bit) excited about all the things it promises to achieve by enabling multivendor products and services to work together.  However, sometimes it's good and even necessary to just stop and look closely at what's actually happening with SIP, who's using it and what lies ahead for this most disruptive of protocols! 

So let's start by asking,

What is SIP?

Well, SIP is boring!

Ok, to me it's not boring. However to people who simply want to make phone calls and use IM or their Unified Communications client to 'reduce human latency' (yes, that's a real UC benefit) it's not really something they care about.  Who wants to talk about signalling protocols, new SIP methods and the work of the IETF working groups?  Not your customers that's for sure - all they want to know is will it work, how much and will it save them money?

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