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August 2009

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SIP in Unified Communications

August 25, 2009

Do you fire up your Gmail client to send an email to another Gmail user?  And would that email fail to arrive if you used Outlook instead?  Of course not and it's all down to the standard email protocol called SMTP.  Every email client supports it so you don't have to worry what the other person is using.  Likewise, HTTP delivers web content regardless of the browser being used.

This has always been the promise of SIP (the Session Initiation Protocol).  Designed to establish, manage and 'tear down' communication channels between any media device, anywhere.  Sound good?

SIP in Unified Communications

I'm not going to give you a definition of Unified Communications (UC) here, just hit Google and wade through all the interpretations that pop up.

AudioCodes recommendation for The SIP School™

August 12, 2009

Birmingham, West Midlands, Wednesday, 12th August 2009

The SIP School has gained another big 'thumbs up' for its SIP training and SSCA™ certification service and this time it's from Alan Percy the Director of Market Development at AudioCodes.


Alan says, "I've found The SIP School materials to be quite helpful in getting our customers and partners started with their SIP education and very easy to use and follow.  For those just getting started with SIP, The SIP School is an excellent resource that I personally recommend."

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