Why the SSCA® ~ update..!

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Why the SSCA® ~ update..!

Back on the 5th of November 2008 I posted an article laying out the reasons why the SSCA™ SIP Certification is the most important certification on SIP in the world of Telecoms and I thought it would be good to give you an update on what's been happening with this program.

First up, the ™ has changed to a ® as the SSCA is now an approved, registered mark that again shows that this program is here to stay.

Next and just as important are the endorsements from organisations and companies around the world who are 'backing' our SIP training and certification.

We have the Telecommunications Industry Association (www.tiaonline.org) with their quote below

"The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leader in advocacy, standards development, business development and intelligence for the information and communications technology industry, has officially endorsed the The SIP School™ as the provider of choice for training and certification for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). "

We have Bicsi, where the SSCA® is worth 12 Continuing education credits towards their own certifications

Companies such as Mitel, Panasonic, TeleMatrix, Brekeke, and Ingate have also put their 'endorsed' stamp on the program and with the Avaya DevConnect team 'partnering' with us to offer training and discounts to their community members it's plain to see that anyone who sees our training wants to roll it out to their engineers and sales / marketing staff.

The training content itself is constantly going through changes to reflect what's happening in the 'real world', in fact were making some big additions right now that students will see in around 6 weeks time.

The recent announcement by Avaya regarding their training offerings tells us that their new SIP Communications Architect  program is the first of it's kind, well sorry Avaya, we beat you to it over 4 years ago and it's something that would complement the Avaya offering very nicely.  Why so?  Well, the Avaya certification concentrates on implementing their Aura solution so if you want to dive deeper into SIP Security, Firewalls, NAT, Session Border Controllers, ENUM, Unified Comms, Wireshark analysis - then pop over to see us and we'll help you out.

Well, that's about all for now but please check out the www.thesipschool.com web site as you'll see we've changed things around a little and still have some free training modules for you to try out.

It's been an exciting ride so far and with new companies joining up every day, the SSCA® is truly the SIP certification for you to strive for.

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