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It's been a while since my last blog and although a poor reason, it's because things are going crazy at The SIP School.  More content, more clients, more partnerships - it's just a mad time but one that's showing the thirst for SIP knowledge is growing at a fast rate.

I just wanted to post a recent press release about my visit to Enterprise Connect at the end of the month and what I'll be up to.  It's going to be interesting seeing all the new offerings from the BIG players and also see what they think about the SIP Survey that's currently being conducted.

Take a peek and if you'll be there, let me know...

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SIP Facts Not Fiction Revealed by the SIP School and Techistan at Enterprise Connect

Contributing to truth and business development in VoIP and SIP-related business is a quest of The SIP SchoolTechistan online magazine, DIDXchange and thousands of others who will participate in Enterprise Connect Feb. 29 - March 3, 2011 in Orlando, Florida. The trio will use this opportunity, of the gathering of brightest minds, organizations and ideas, to share results of the complete cycle of months of systematic observation, measurement, experiment, formulation, testing and modification of the industry's experience with SIP (session initiation protocol).

One of the main themes of the conference program will be SIP and SIP Trunking, which is the focal point in The SIP School's inquiry and study, but also Mobility, Unified Communications, The Cloud and Virtualization, and Planning and Implementation of IP Telephony.

Graham Francis, CEO of The SIP School and a Telecommunications Editor of Techistan magazine states, "We are prepared with a strong focus. The industry is about more than Edge devices, session border controllers and SIP trunking. We want to know what people and organizations feel is difficult in the world of SIP as they attempt to get started. When the 'players' need help, who do they turn to? Service providers? What kind of support do they receive? Where are those service providers not meeting the needs?"

A survey is being shared across popular social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and blogs that millions of businesses use. The goal is to query regarding issues, best practices, and new ideas from those in the middle of the Internet protocol-based, hybrid, and pure PSTN communications sectors. After a careful study of the data, a follow-up survey will be shared with the original participants. Mr. Graham will notify them directly.

"Graham already has dozens of appointments with service providers scheduled during Enterprise Connect (formerly known as VoiceCon). He will share the results of this careful study with vendors, service providers, MSAs, highly respected industry consultants, exhibitors, and other presenters at the event," Suzanne Bowen, Vice President of Techistan online magazine and the DIDXchange. "Our companies are working together as press at the conference with a mission. It is to assist participants to discover concrete and essential ways to improve, expand, and innovate in what often feels like a volatile, chaotic atmosphere ... that of communications in general."

SIP is an acronym that stands for session initiation protocol that is used to control multi-media communications sessions and applications such as voice, video, instant messaging, presence information, file transfer and online gaming. The features of SIP enable familiar traditional telephone operations such as dialing a number, causing a phone to ring, hearing ringback tones or a busy signal. Most end-users do not experience any difference in what they expect except more control, remote access, increased flexibility and mobility-
empowerment. Most parties involved (vendors, service providers, end-users) may have the benefits of decreased communications cost and increased opportunities for generating new revenue because of replacing PSTN with SIP.

Visit www.The SIP School.com, www.techistan.com, www.enterpriseconnect.com/orlando, and www.didx.net for more information about the parties involved in the SIP survey and its final provision of SIP best practices and issues data. Other events where the public can meet with The SIP School, Techistan and DIDX include CTIA Wireless in Orlando, Florida March 22-24, 2011; Mobile Content Summit in New Delhi, India February 25, 2011; and East Africa Com in Nairobi, Kenya April 5-6, 2011.


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