SIP Communication training for Sales and Marketing

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SIP Communication training for Sales and Marketing

We've finally managed to complete the latest round of updates to our Sales and Marketing program and had to change it's name to reflect the changes.

SIP Communication services for Sales and Marketing professionals with the SSMP™ Certification test is now live and ready for people to access. 

Here's the overview and we hope you like the addition of UC and Hosted PBX to complement the SIP Trunking elements.


To effectively participate in the Unified Communications, Hosted PBX and SIP trunking boom, sales and marketing professionals need to understand the opportunities and techniques required to succeed. The SIP School™ is „the‟ place to learn all about SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and prepare you for the marketplace.  There is so much information about SIP on the Internet that is both hard to read and poorly presented that it is difficult for people to learn about this most importantprotocol.  So The SIP School™ with its lively, clear and fully animated eLearning program has become the only place to enroll to learn about SIP and SIP Communication services prepared exclusively with the sales and marketing professional in mind.

Who would benefit?
Everyone…! This training is designed to suit anyone involved with the marketing or sales of SIP Communication services such as: Manufacturers of IP PBX and IP Phone equipment, SIP Security equipment manufacturers, SIP service providers and Carriers, Network Design specialists, Sales and Marketing personnel working with VoIP equipment and services;  all of these will benefit from this program.Please note, that even with an initial focus on the SIP services market in the USA, the course principles are applicable to SIP service markets globally and other examples regarding other countries will be included over time.

What’s in the training program?
Once you‟ve purchased an access license (valid for 12 months) for this course you‟ll have access to three modules.  You can work through the modules in order or simply choose the ones you are most interested in.  The modules are listed in more detail further on in this document and a demo is available on this website as well.Please note, that the SSCA® training course is designed to teach all the technical aspects of SIP that are not in the scope of this course and this can be purchased separately on The SIP School™ web site.

How long will it take to work through?
Total Running time for this course is approximately 2 hours from the start to finish.  This does not include study time for the SSMP™ or the taking of the SSMP™ final test itself.

Become a “SIP Sales and Marketing Professional” or SSMP™
The SIP Communication service for Sales and Marketing professionals training program is accompanied by the SSMP™ Certification test.  To prepare for the certification test, each module has its own „mini‟ quiz at the end to help delegates „gauge‟ how well they are doing.

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