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SIP and FoIP

So after a few months of hectic writing The SIP school is pleased to roll out its latest updates to the SSCA® SIP training program.  There are the usual changes due to the ever evolving nature of SIP but most notably this time around is a brand new module on SIP and Fax over IP and quite a revamp of SIP trunking, which of course is the one thing everyone talks about in the industry. 

Full update details can be found at this link 

We felt that a module on SIP and Fax over IP was much needed as people are finding that the service works well, badly or not at all and as Fax just doesn’t seem to want to go away then it’s got to be made to work over SIP trunks.  The module teaches the basics of faxing, the transition to Fax over IP, the main FoIP protocols available and then heads off into troubleshooting and testing.  We hope that this module proves a hit and enables people to cope with this old technology running over brand new links.

 SIP trunking has also been updated quite a bit with the inclusion of an ITSP checklist.  This list is designed to be a guide for people who are looking to sign up for SIP trunking services but are not sure how to start and what questions to ask.  It’s not an exhaustive list but we think it’s a good ‘stake in the ground’.  Anyone who uses the list and wants to offer suggestions for improvement will be helping everyone out as again, we’ll keep it updated. 

Well, that’s all regarding the updates and we’d also like to say welcome aboard to: 

Cisco and Toshiba 

Back soon, Graham

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