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January 2012

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The SIP School and OnSIP

January 10, 2012

SIP education is what we do and we like to think that we help people become confident in this ever changing protocol.  To help them learn about SIP we advise students to get themselves SIP addresses to run the labs and to help them, we point them to a myriad of free services such as SIP2SIP, Iptel, and many many more - in fact, the more the better as it gives people choice and also alternatives if one doesn't work too well in their part of the world.

Today we added another option by working with our friends at OnSIP.

When a new student joins us, they are automatically provisioned an OnSIP SIP account for the domain i.e. ...  This adds a fantastic dimension to our training service and helps our students even more.

So a BIG thanks to OnSIP and for the full press release, please read on...


January 10th 2012

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