The SIP School and OnSIP

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The SIP School and OnSIP

SIP education is what we do and we like to think that we help people become confident in this ever changing protocol.  To help them learn about SIP we advise students to get themselves SIP addresses to run the labs and to help them, we point them to a myriad of free services such as SIP2SIP, Iptel, and many many more - in fact, the more the better as it gives people choice and also alternatives if one doesn't work too well in their part of the world.

Today we added another option by working with our friends at OnSIP.

When a new student joins us, they are automatically provisioned an OnSIP SIP account for the domain i.e. ...  This adds a fantastic dimension to our training service and helps our students even more.

So a BIG thanks to OnSIP and for the full press release, please read on...


January 10th 2012

The SIP School connects with OnSIP

New York (PRWEB) January 09, 2012

As the provider of the global standard in SIP training and certification, The SIP School has taught thousands of employees in the telecommunications industry how to better support their clients, products, and services. Until recently, students training to become an SIP School Certified Associate (SSCA®) were instructed in their first session to create a SIP address with any free service. 

Today, The SIP School announces another option by working with OnSIP as their SIP service provider – leveraging the OnSIP API to provision each student with a SIP address on domain.

“We are very excited to provide OnSIP services on The SIP School’s domain,” said Rob Wolpov, President of OnSIP. “While we offer an enterprise-grade hosted phone service to businesses, OnSIP is, at its core, a highly scalable SIP platform, built to support real time communications using Internet domains. Anyone can sign up for an OnSIP account and take advantage of free SIP addresses, SIP domain hosting, and SIP calling using their own domain. We are glad to support The SIP School in training more people on the advantages of SIP in the future of real time communications.”

OnSIP originally began SIP domain hosting to encourage their customers to simplify communications and boost their corporate branding by creating SIP addresses for employees that match their email addresses. With the OnSIP API, customers can integrate SIP address provisioning into their own service offerings as The SIP School has accomplished.

“OnSIP is offering a fantastic service that we wanted to make available to our students to help them in their SIP studies,” said Graham Francis, CEO of the SIP School. “We provisioned thousands of existing student accounts using the OnSIP API, and every new student that signs up for training from now will automatically get their new SIP account provisioned for them again via the API. OnSIP made it really easy for us to do this, and it’s a service we recommend highly”.

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Having helped over 10,000 customers, Junction Networks is a leading provider of business VoIP service to small and medium-sized businesses. OnSIP, by Junction Networks, is an intuitive and reliable business phone service on the Internet for companies with 5 to 100 employees. OnSIP customers enjoy the benefits of a business class phone system, without the traditional high cost, burden, and inflexibility. For more information, visit

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The SIP School is the global leader in SIP education with over 5,500 students registered for its training programs. It is the issuing authority for the SSCA® Certification that is endorsed by the Telecommunications Industry Association along with many manufacturers of SIP devices and providers of SIP based services. For more information, visit

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