SIP survey results are in..!!!

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SIP survey results are in..!!!

At last.... the results of the SIP survey 2012 are in and now published online - you can find the document by visiting

With a rise from 400 to 500 on last years respondents and a few new questions  we aimed to take a look at SIP Trunking and specifically, to find what the most common issues during SIP Trunk deployment are and what can be done to make these issues occur less frequently, if at all.

There are some great  numbers to check out such as:
  • 55.5% or respondent companies are using SIP trunks now!
  • 70% have a VoIP PBX as their main PBX
  • Avaya leads the manufacturer list
  • Acme Packet is top of the SBC list
  • Most problems reported last year are still occurring
  • Yet support seems to be getting better from most companies
  • Also, Fax seems to be requested more than HD voice
There is a lot of interesting stuff in this document along with comments from experts in the SIP trunking 'space'.

Thanks to all for participating and of course, we'll be running this again next year.


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