Networking 4 VVoIP released into the wild!

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Networking 4 VVoIP released into the wild!

It’s taken us a while but at last the update to our Networking for VoIP program is here! 

It’s had quite a makeover and is now called Networking 4 VVoIP where VVoIP stands for Voice and Video. 

We needed to do this as the world of data networking and unified communications is moving fast and we wanted to ensure that our students were seeing training material that reflects what is happening today and in the future – we think we’ve got it just right. 

Let’s tell you what we’ve added. 

A brand new module on Video over IP as this world is not just about VoIP.  Of course, the VoIP section of the training has been updated as well.

Hosted VoIP needed to be explained as a lot of people are moving VoIP services to the cloud.

IPv6 is becoming a ‘must know’ for a lot of organisations and we’ve added a big module that not only covers the basics of IPv6 but actually gets the student connected into the IPv6 world. 

Smaller additions include information on: 

  • ADSL developments
  • Metro Ethernet
  • Virtual Private LAN Service
  • VPNS and VPNS for Business
  • More on Spanning Tree in LAN Switches
  • Rapid Spanning Tree
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN), OpenFlow
  • Cellular Networks and Speeds from 2G to 4G
  • Satellite networks
  • Setting up an FTP server
  • More on DNS and root servers
  • More on VoIP and QoS
  • VoIP and Security 
  • + Much more. 

For a full outline of the course, click here for the PDF 

For a quick demo and free module on DHCP, click here 

Onto the certification:

The current certification, the SSVP™ will be replaced on the 29th November with the new SSVVP™ (SIP School VVoIP Professional).   This changeover reflects the addition of questions that relate to Video and the other new elements in the program such as Hosted VoIP and IPv6.  The test will retain its 80% pass mark requirement though there will be more questions to answer from a larger question pool.

That’s the update and thanks to all of our students for being patient with us and we look forward to seeing more people join us and becoming SSVVP™ certified. 

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