Thanks Broadsoft!

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Thanks Broadsoft!

So.... It's taken a while for this to pan out yet today sees the provision of a 'Live' WAN Assessment system for SIP trunking being added as an optional training module to all SIP School students with a valid SIP training license.  Access is via the SIP training course (Within the SIP/VoIP and QoS module)

PacketSmart is the system provided by Broadsoft and enabled (for us) through the driving force of Don Lewis of Broadsoft with the help of many of his colleagues.  All of this has been provided for free and enables up to 5 students to simultaneously create separate WAN Assessment tests between two locations to load a circuit with calls, create reports and then assess a circuits ability to support the calls required by a client.

Reports focus on MOS (Mean Opinion Scores), Delay, Jitter, Packet Loss, Router performance, Top flows on a network and much more.

Having this kind of system to access will really help The SIP School's students with their study towards their SSCA® as well as also 'priming' them for the 'real world'.

Again, thanks Don for all your help and I hope all students will take some time to use the system made available to them.


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